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The Carlson CP-90 Asphalt Paver

Dealer and Customer Showcase the Carlson CP-90

Road construction company paves a co-op in half the time.

Carlson CP-90 Asphalt Paver
Carlson CP-90 Asphalt Paver with truck.
All in the Mix

HL-4 is used regularly by the MTO because it is flexible enough to serve as both a surface coarse and base coarse mix. HL-4 can be designed either as a 12.5 mm mix or a 19 mm Superpave mix. Under Superpave, the nominal maximum aggregate size of a mix is defined as one sieve larger than the first sieve to retain more than 10 percent aggregate by mass. The MTO developed a specification for a 16 mm Superpave gradation to better characterize HL-4, although Superpave does not have a 16 mm classification. The gradation tolerances for standard Ontario mixes such as HL-1, HL-3, HL-4, HL-8, and Heavy Duty Binder Coarse (HDBC) generally match the control points of the respective Superpave gradation classes.

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ohnstone Brothers Equipment Corp. (JBEC) has been involved with asphalt paving equipment for two generations. The business has steadily grown due to its passion for good quality paving equipment, backed up by its product knowledge and unparalleled service.

JBEC had a mandate in 2009 to procure a commercial asphalt paver with highway class characteristics for its rental fleet and for specific contractors with high-paving volume in the commercial marketplace. JBEC ‘s rental fleet consists of specialty asphalt equipment. Through extensive research, JBEC decided to purchase a rebuildable paver with heavy duty wear components. The Carlson CP-90 met the criteria.

The electric heated screed, powered by an onboard hydraulically driven generator, makes paving days a joy when the mercury dips.
- Greg Johnstone

Heavy Duty Wear Components

"The screed is the most essential component on any asphalt paver," said Greg Johnstone of Johnstone Brothers Equipment Corp. in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. "We are well aware of Carlson's successful history in the screed market. Understandably, the Carlson CP-90 asphalt paver's heavy duty screed complements this powerful package nicely. The electric heated screed, powered by an onboard hydraulically driven generator, makes paving days a joy when the mercury dips."

The Carlson CP-90 asphalt paver has massive conveyor chains and auger segments. The four conveyor bearings and four auger bearings are able to be greased similar to any highway class paver. The proportional auger control gives the operators a helping hand. On all other similar-size commercial pavers, the augers fill up and then stop [the edge swells out]. As the pile height decreases, the edge shrinks. The result of the uneven edge is commonly attributed to the paver operator's inability to keep the paver straight. The proportional auger system on the CP-90 reduces this problem as the swelling and shrinking is controlled by the proportional augers.

Dealer Preference in Pavers

JBEC purchased their first CP-90 asphalt paver in May 2009. The success of this paver in its rental fleet demanded additions. In 2010, JBEC operated three rental Carlson CP-90 asphalt pavers. Similarly, JBEC placed other Carlson pavers in the marketplace with clientele searching for a long-lasting and rebuildable asphalt paver.

"Carlson's ability to listen and implement the paver users' concerns is tremendous and will set them apart for years to come," said Johnstone.

The Murray Group

When it comes to quality paving, The Murray Group Limited services Wellington County and surrounding areas of Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The company's asphalt paving crews handle Ministry of Transportation (MTO), municipal commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

The Murray Group purchased a Carlson CP-90 paver in 2010 and recently completed a co-op project in Drayton, Ontario.

"The co-op was completed in one day," said Fred Haug of The Murray Group. "It would have taken two days with our other paver."

Over Gravel in Two Lifts

The paving was completed over gravel in two lifts using two different blends of asphalt—270 tons (245 tonnes) of base (HL-8) and 245 tons (222 tonnes) of top coat (HL-4).

"We put down 2 inches (5 cm) of base coat and then put 1½ inches (3.8 cm) as top coat," said Haug. "The project called for a heavy duty asphalt to handle truck loads."

The Murray Group classifies the Carlson CP-90 as an "all-around good paver," and due to the equipment's controls and features, good quality paving is produced.

"We have been able to do more jobs and maintain a standard of quality unmatched by our other older paver," said Haug. "Our projects range from patching on roads, to driveways, parking lots, and streets."



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