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Volumn 11, Number 1
On The Cover: Heart Of Texas Asphalt Of Manor, Texas
This is the second Astec hot-mix asphalt plant that Heart of Texas Asphalt has put into operation in the last year. The business philosophy of the company is simple: Use equipment that helps you look good and work efficiently.
Volumn 10, Number 2
On The Cover: Calhoun Asphalt Of Gadsden, Alabama
Calhoun Asphalt Company of Gadsden, Alabama originally bought this Astec HMA facility in 1984. Over the years it aged, but the plant was revived with key component upgrades and replacements.
Volumn 10, Number 1
On The Cover: Good Hope Paving Contractors Of Ashville, Alabama
There are days when things are not always bright and sunny. But even then, the crisp colors and sharp lines of an Astec hot-mix plant catch the eye.
Volumn 9, Number 2
On The Cover: Lefarge Canada
Sunsets in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada are spectacular events. In this photo, the sun is setting on the new Astec hot-mix asphalt plant that was installed in the spring of 2005. See "Storage Benefits" (page 6) to learn more about this installation.
Volumn 9, Number 1
On The Cover: Ferebee Corporation Started Small…But Is Now A Leader In Its Market
With the skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina standing tall in the background, the company's newest Astec hot-mix plant is a visual attraction. Its location also gives truckers quick and easy access to almost any paving site in the Metro area.
Volumn 8, Number 1
On The Cover: North Carolina Producer Exhibits Pride Of Ownership
The Astec M-Pack® os located on a nicely landscaped, clean site. Three 200-ton silos are fed by a 400 tph Double Barrel® drum mixer. The plant also features a five-compartment cold feed system and a two-compartment recycle feed system. Plant controls are located in a Command IA split-level control house.
Volumn 7, Number 3
On The Cover: Florida M-Pack Is Neighborhood Showcase
It was almost 30 years ago that Astec, Inc. was formed to design and build production equipment for the hot mix asphalt industry. The very first plant--shown on the front cover--was delivered just a few months later. But the story of the plant is a continuing saga.
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